Rowing machine reviews


A rowing machine is simply a device which is meant for workout, and gaining a healthy lifestyle. It is being used to mimic the action of the watercraft rowing exercise specifically for training or rowing exercise. It can also be define as an exercise machine that one can sit on while pulling a moving handle towards his/her self just like how the boat is rowed. When you make a decision to improve your health, the first step should not have to be pounding the concrete on an exhausting, long-distance run.

In case you join a gym, usual rowing exercises are a perfect way to working towards physical fitness. A rowing apparatus can assist in building and toning muscles, strengthening of cardiovascular function and increasing stamina. Therefore, rowing machines are mainly effective for the older fitness enthusiasts since they place no strain on both the back and joints.

Types of Rowing Machines

Rowing machine is in approximately four common resistance types that include;

The Air resistant;- Air resistant is the most popular type and probably found in most gyms and as a Concept2 Model D. when its handle is pulled towards the user, the spinning flywheel is simply activated into motion and this is where the machine gets its force from. This means that, the harder the handle is pulled, the greater the resistances since more wind are activated.

Water resistant; – A water resistant rower machine is designed to mimic the real motion of rowing over water. It is a rowing machine that is usually reserved for the advanced rowers, since they cannot be easy the intensity spectrum. This means that harder the user pull the handle, the more difficult the resistance.

The Piston resistant; – This kind of rower are usually reserved for people without a lot of rowing exercise experience. The Piston resistant are easier to store (smaller) and also cheaper side, although they still provide a huge workout.

Magnetic resistant; – the magnetic rower is one of the most basic of all the rower machine types on the market. They are small, inexpensive, simple machines with a long break and a seat system. The magnetic rower makes less noise and doesn’t offer a lot in the way of friction.

Rowing machine reviews

When searching for a terrific versatile full-body workout, it will be good to find a better rowing machine. Among the best rowing machines are;

  1. The Model D

Currently, this is the best by and large rowing machine as per various research. The machine is simple to use as it guarantees an incredible rowing and workout exercise and thereby burning a lot of calories. However, the Model D concept is found to offer both overall impressive performance and brilliant flywheel design. Also, it has accolades mainly in its many resistance levels, industrial design, and extreme ease of use and this is why the rowing machine is found in most gyms.

  1. The stamina precision rower

Besides the Model D (which cost approximately $900), the Stamina precision rower is a cheaper rower that cost approximately $200 and doesn’t quite have the whistles and bells as the Concept2, but instead has a stable, smooth motions and solid design.

iii. The Stamina Body 1050 TracGlider

Stamina adds to another best rowing model, the solid low-cost option is recommended as it can be purchase for about $130. As per various researches, this machine offers a good workout, with essentially no any learning curve and with no overwhelming characteristics at all.

  1. The Kettler Favorit

It cost approximately $400, one of the best rowing machine made with a circular rowing design to provide even and a smooth workout each and every time. The Favorit package includes a comfortable seat, a nice, easily adjustable resistance settings and an LCD display which make it one of the great alternative for a house rowing machine.

  1. The Lifespan Fitness (RW 1000)

Being an excellent rowing machine for the house, the Lifespan (rw1000) cost about $ 430 and with a variety of features, for instance the eddy current drive structure, and delivery of fluid and smooth workout. Other good features include pivoting foot plate and the foam padded hand grips.

The Benefits of a rowing Machine

Weight Loss

Rowing rapidly burns lot calories, making it an appropriate to workout regimen if weight loss is the chief priority. A dynamic workout on a rowing machine can easily burn up to 377 calories in less than 30 minutes for a person who weighs 180 pounds and hence frequent rowing can assist in working toward the deficit calorie that is integral to the weight loss.

Rowing machine reviews  – Cardiovascular advantages

Working with rowing machine is an endurance implementation that uses carbohydrates to supply the energy required to exercise and increases heart function.

So, keeping the rowing apparatus tension at a low level enables you to maintain a high speed rate with less resistance in order to maintain and reach an aerobic state. The exercise improves lung, heart circulation systems making it a cornerstone of an effective exercise habit

It reduces stress and Elevate heart rate

Performing a rowing exercise at home than in the gym is another n ideal idea, it is just a matter of buying a rowing machine for convenience. Nearly, everyone knows that whenever you’re getting a superior workout, the heart rate will definitely elevate and that’s definitely a good thing. This is no dissimilar than when doing rowing machine trainings, as you’re efficiently doing a leg press, dead lift, and a row every single rep of the appliance.


The rower machine is used mostly by many professional especially in their indoor rowing competitions since its close similarity to actual rowing. It is the greatest air resistance rower machine that can be found for home use.


If you need the realistic petition of using water resistance, this may not be the best for you. Moreover, its price can be a deterrent especially if shopping on a budget.