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    Diet tips

    There are many who manage a diet without any intention to lose weight, they run the menu in order to ensure a healthy lifestyle and to maintain weight. Fast diet menu suitable for those who want to lose weight and those who wish to maintain current weight. Note that rapid weight loss may take place…


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    What do you do when you have a stye?

    First, contact an ophthalmologist review and see what can be done to ease the pain. In most cases the treatment is short and localized using warm compresses on the bulge and applying antibiotic eye ointment for a few days. Sometimes it is necessary to add antibiotic pills for a few days. In exceptional cases, it…

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    Picking the right Shoes can be critical to your health!

    People just dont understand how much shoes affect our health. If not chosen properly you can have back pain, bad posture and problems that will reveal more and more when you age.And we spend at least nine hours of our time everyday at work! So how do we puck the right work shoes for us?…

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    Is it possible to grow taller ?

    If you like it or not, height has an effect on our life. Taller people are perceived more successful, more attractive (I mean men) and with more impressive presence. But can we still grow taller after we passed puberty? There is no magic pill, but there are ways that can make us  grow a few inches…

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    The truth or dare Game

    Are you looking for ideas for a sexy bachelor party? Do you like to have a daring game with your friends? Well you may try the truth or dare game. in case you didnt hear about this game, Its when a groups of people sits together and turn a coin. When the participant is selected…