Assad Forces are about to retake Aleppo

Estimated number of Syrians who crowd now around over the Bab al-Salam Turkish border ranged from 20 to 70 thousand, and thousands more on the way. All of them are the remains of the two million residents of Aleppo remained in the city, despite years of fighting, clung to their homes and their jobs, or in the case of many young people, remained to complete high school and university studies, hoping certificate or degree will guarantee their future.
Now they are fleeing, what appears to be a window of opportunity diminishing before the Syrian army and Shiite militias to complete the encirclement of the city and the final separation of supply routes. For four and a half years, a constant stream of refugees – at least four million – out of Syria, but seething now looks to the Turkish border remains locked to them, is a unique moment of crisis and perhaps a turning point in the unending war.

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